U.S. Tour and New Charity

We have an important message. This time it’s not about breeding, Biscuit or other Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. We want to start by thanking everyone for your support. We are very happy in what we do every day but knowing that there is so much support from the community and being able to help many people makes our business extra special.
But today we want to announce that we are planning a short U.S. tour with Biscuit. The goal of this trip is to meet our American community face-to-face, visit a couple of dog shows and promote our charity.

We will be traveling for two weeks, from 14 October to 30 October. During the trip we will visit Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. We will post a specific schedule sometime in September. In any case, if you want to meet us there, let us know.

As we mentioned, our second goal of this small tour will be to visit a couple of dog shows staring with Houston dog show. To be fair, we don’t have much experience in dog shows. But that is an option we are considering in the future and that’s why visiting these shows would be a good practice. You may call it sort of an exploratory mission. But there’s another important reason to visit the dog shows and meet people in the industry.


Like we talked before, the tour will be very important to us because we are also launching a new charity. Currently, there is still a lot in progress – we are debating the name, whether the cause should be broad or very specific, we are looking for sponsors. We hope that by the time we start the tour everything will be set up. Actually, we already got our first sponsor. A Leo Vegas fan site agreed to help us promote the charity and help raise some money. That’s actually the reason why we are extending the trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles as originally the plan was just to tour around Texas.

If you have any suggestions, whether about the charity or how we could get the most out of the dog shows during the tour, don’t hesitate to contact us.